Why Guardin?

Liberate yourself from worry with Guardin, where freshness meets freedom.

Embrace every moment confidently, knowing that our innovative odor control technology keeps your textiles as vibrant as your spirit.

What is the magic behind Guardin?

The unique, skin-friendly fabric technology Guardin harnesses the power of peppermint oil to naturally fight odors.

This oil contains menthol, which brings a natural freshness to your clothes and other textile products.

Sustainable technology

Guardin keeps you fresh all day long whilst leaving a minimal environmental footprint.

Plant-derived renewable source peppermint oil as the active ingredient
Less laundering needed, saving water and leading to less detergents in the wastewater
Increased durability of your product

Sweet dreams with Guardin!

Over time, mattresses can pick up odors from sweat and other sources, especially with regular use. But as you recharge during your sleep, Guardin quietly goes to work, keeping these odors in check. This means you can rest peacefully, waking up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Say hello to a fresher, more comfortable sleep experience!​